April 8, 2019, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. — VMC was asked to take part and speak at the United Nations in the Start-ups for Smart Cities in a Digital World event.

VMC was asked to participate in this prestigious event to showcase its blockchain solution for smart cities. The event Start-ups for smart cities in a digital world: Harnessing the potential of Blockchain for smart cities, highlighted the role of innovative blockchain solutions in fostering economic and social growth of smart sustainable cities, in particular the role of start-ups in building capacity for blockchain solutions. “Together with 15 other industry blockchain leaders with real products it was an impressive experience to speak at the UN in Geneva” says Jochem Verheul, Founder & CEO of VMC.

Further, the event hosted global experts to discuss challenges for smart cities. VMC was selected among the other serious blockchain companies to present ideas and discuss solutions for smart cities. “It was a great opportunity to talk and engage with many city officials to discuss and explore future projects.”