Dear community,
We are very proud to present to you our security token offering!

It has been an exciting ride to get to this point. In 2018 we demonstrated our blockchain mobility solution with the world’s first blockchain powered bus. We grew the team, our expertise and our solution. As we are entering the next phase of growth and expansion, we are ready to fuel this growth with the launch of our own security token.


VMC is connecting the dots of urban mobility.
VMC is a software company that solves challenges in urban mobility. The mobility of cities is evolving rapidly.
VMC is at the forefront of these developments with a groundbreaking live product that makes it easy to develop connected and coordinated cities and vehicles, which serves travellers, mobility providers and smart goals for city governments.

About urban mobility.
The mobility marketplace is expected to grow from $500 billion to $1 trillion between 2020 and 2030. The value of the market we approach is huge and will continue to grow substantially, due to emerging mobility, technological developments and growing urbanisation.

The security token is an incredible new form of investment.
The issuance of a security token gives our supporters the opportunity to be part of all this, to invest in the future of human mobility and to share in the financial benefits. VMC believes that security tokens are an incredible new form of investment: affordable, transparent and easily tradeable. Security tokens also have an important advantage over other (utility) tokens or coins: security tokens can actually represent ownership of an asset or a stream of cash. In our case the security token represents a revenue share of the transactions in our platform. You are reading this correctly, we are sharing our revenues and not profit. We are convinced this approach fits better with the core principles of blockchain technology and our mission to make mobility better connected.

Meet our security token.
Token name: VMC-ST
Token price: €0.20
Private sale bonus: 30%
Private sales starts: Now
Public sale starts: 03-06-2019
Public sale ends: 31-07-2019

Revenue share distribution
The VMC mobility platform is open and free for everybody to build applications on. However, corporate users pay a small transaction fee. We do not only use this fee to further build on our platform, we distribute a percentage of revenue to you.

The VMC-ST token contains smart contracts on a Stellar-based protocol enabling automatic revenue sharing in a way that is fully compliant with regulatory standards. The VMC security token is a token that gives right to a share in revenue that VMC generates via transaction fees.

The more transactions VMC processes, the more fees we collect, the more investors will receive. Investors who hold on to their token for a longer period in time are rewarded with a higher percentage.

HOLD: 0 – 3 MND           RECEIVE: 5%
HOLD: 3 – 6 MND           RECEIVE: 10%
HOLD: 6 – 12 MND         RECEIVE: 20%
HOLD: 12 MND +             RECEIVE: 40% 

Dual token structure.
VMC utilizes a dual token structure to provide stability in the network. The utility token VAI is used for transactions in the blockchain. The security token gives tokenholders the right up to 40% of revenue share coming directly from corporate users paying transaction fees.

VMC is the first Stellar security token in the Netherlands.
Stellar is a decentralised payment transfer protocol. Its unique technology, leads Stellar blockchain to be lightning-fast, instantly scalable and energy-efficient. After carefully evaluating different blockchain platforms we decided that the Stellar blockchain is the best fit for VMC. This makes VMC the first security token in the Netherlands that will run on the Stellar blockchain. Investors can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM) or euros to participate in this security token offering.