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At VMC we set the standards for the new mobility economy. This requires a team that is in constant pursuit of perfection in everything they do. Will you join us?


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Blockchain implementation The Netherlands

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At VMC we have a culture of results, not hours spent. Decisions are made on arguments and not on hierarchy.VMC is founded in 2017. At this moment, the industry was captures by the ICO hype. In this tumultuous time, we decided to focus on building technology that works and deliveres value for users. We value connections, diversity, transparency and most of all teamwork. We strive for perfection, while focussing on shipping solid releases.

We have two offices. In Amsterdam work from a beautiful old storage building in the heart of Amsterdam. In Singapore, we have an office, sponsored by the government at the Geoworks innovation cluster.


+31 (0)20 737 1594


Prinsengracht 463-1
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Geoworks / Singapore Land Authority
460 Alexandra Rd, Level 7 PSA Building
Singapore 119963