The VMC-ST security token is a great opportunity for an investment in the mobility of the future.


  • Reasons to invest:
    - Participate in a fast growing startup that will change the world of mobility.
    - Economic ownership with the flexibility of a public tradeable share.
    - Revenue share model: receive payments for every transaction in the network.
    - Under the Private Sale, the purchase of the token is available at a discounted rate.

The mobility of cities is evolving rapidly. VMC is at the forefront of these developments with a groundbreaking live product that makes it easy to develop connected and coordinated cities and vehicles, which serves travellers, mobility providers and smart goals for city governments. The value of the market we approach is huge and will continue to grow substantially, due to emerging mobility technological developments and growing urbanisation.

The issuance of a security token gives our supporters an opportunity to be part of all this, to invest in change and to share in the financial benefits. VMC believes that security tokens are an incredible new form of investment: affordable, transparent and easy tradeable. Security tokens also have an important advantage over other (utility) tokens or coins: security tokens can actually represent ownership of an asset or a stream of cash.

Our token, VMC-ST, gives up to a 10%-share of the transaction fee revenues of our platform. Due to the fact that this is a smart contract based system, the payout will take place automatically on a regular basis. VMC-ST is also fuelled by a very positive network effect (growth by use); as our platform grows, the payment share will increase dramatically, driving potentially massive capital gain in the token price.

VMC has started the issue of the VMC-ST token with a Private Sale, which is currently open for investments of a minimum of EUR 10,000.- (or equivalent in BTC or ETH). In the Private Sale there’s an attractive discount of 30% to our Public Sale, that will be announced in the second quarter of 2019. Details will be announced later.

VMC is a Dutch legal entity called B.V. All shares of this company are currently owned by the founders and early investors. Parallel to the Security Token Offering, we are in a funding round with venture capital investors, which aim is to receive new shares in the company. They will also receive VMC-ST on a two-to-one ratio between shares and receipts. This will align interests of share- and tokenholders.

Under EU financial law, our Security Token Offering will be defined as a financial instrument. We use one of the exemption rules for issuing to be able to attract suitable funds for the growth of the company and our blockchain platform.

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