Discover the power of our blockchain
powered mobility solution.

Seamless UX.

We focus on an intuitive user experience that connects seamlessly with our backend system. Our mobile first approach allows users to get from A to B to C in the most convenient way.

Easy Integration.

With a plug & play platform for developers and organisations. It includes a backend for business rules, an API, wallets and mobile applications. Everything is open source.

Blockchain backbone.

A decentralized database that fuels the platform.The VMC CORE blockchain is open source, secure and decentralized by design. The blockchain uses many tried and tested open source components.

Connecting the dots.

Our goal is to create beautiful and smooth experiences for the travellers, while connecting and working with complex systems. In order to achieve this, we use the newest technologies. VMC is a modular platform that utilizes blockchain technology for transactions and cooperating trust.

Mobility providers can operate without the need for intermediaries, payment providers or proprietary apps. This marketplace is fuelled by a token called VAI. People use VAI to transact on the network while providers and stakeholders (such as governments or data providers) can incentivize each other and collaborate.


We have developed a real-world blockchain solution to improve the mobility industry.

Features of our solution.

Smart contracts.

Smart contracts are at the core of our blockchain implementation. Cooperation between mobility operators is translated into smart contracts.

Online validation.

Our system is designed with online validation. We can easily integrate in existing hardware. We are currently working on offering offline solutions.

P2P transactions.

Instant and low-cost transactions comes intrinsically with our blockchain platform.


We use the PoET algorithm to ensure a very scalable solution, specially designed for mobility transactions.


Our blockchain is fault-tolerant, so we can ensure that the system continues to operate properly in the event of a failure.


To read the information or to transact on the blockchain can be done only from nodes with permission. With this way we prevent malicious activities.

Discover VMC CORE.

VMC offers a new blockchain platform (VMC CORE) and a unique model for connecting mobility providers. VMC CORE is built on the foundations of Hyperledger Sawtooth and uses the PoET consensus algorithm to effectively achieve overall system reliability. This creates fast, secure and cheap transactions, enabling mobility providers to cooperate without the need for intermediaries, payment providers or proprietary apps.