Redefining mobility

The roadmap to a decentralised mobility network

Q3 2017

Build the team

Write the first release of the white paper

Q4 2017

Partnership with one of Europe’s leading public transport companies

Start development platform

Q1 2018

First release of testnet


Q2 2018

First app on VMC CORE


Q3 2018

Roll-out of VMC GO Beta

Blockchain TestNet goes live

Q4 2018

World’s first blockchain bus is operational

Q1 2019

Open Singapore office

Architectural design improvements with focus on scalability

Q2 2019

Security Token Offering (STO)

Implement solution with electronic payment provider

Q3-Q4  2019

Roll-out the MVP of VMC GO

Blockchain MainNet goes live

Trip planner

NFC support

Release open protocol


Operational smart city mobility OS

Data ledger

Open data API