Building the future of human mobility

Good companies have big hairy audacious goals. Our goal is to develop the decentralised backbone for the new mobility economy. Sharing data, seamless payments and secure digital identities are at the core of our project.

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Connecting the dots for...

public transport.

Existing and emerging public and private transport companies can easily integrate our software in existing and new hardware.

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shared mobility.

Shared and autonomous mobility companies can use our solution and provide seamless experience.

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smart cities.

Smart cities can really get smarter, reduce congestion and combat pollution by offering better mobility.

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The transformation of the mobility economy. 

The mobility economy is a highly fragmented domain, currently undergoing an unparalleled revolution. This revolution takes place on two axes; a shift from ownership to “on demand” and a shift from human operated to autonomous. Although this future seems intriguing, there are major challenges in facilitating this transition. At this moment, little data is shared, payments are far from seamless and (digital) identities are not private or protected. This is why we have started VMC. 

Control your privacy.

Private by design. Take control over your identity and what you share. Opt-in and opt-out to share what ,when, to whom you want. The blockchain database makes privacy hacks a thing of the past.


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Easy payment solutions.

Fast, secure & low-cost transactions. With our blockchain powered platform we can offer P2P and low-cost transactions, and instant clearing for mobility companies.



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Open data.

We mask and anonymise all mobility data and make it available in realtime to drive planning and routing improvement. Open data to make mobility better. Real time insights. Real time decisions.


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VMC GO beta app now available.

We have developed world's first mobile blockchain payment app for public transportation. Download the app (in Beta) and start moving around the way you want.

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"Plan, book, pay and enjoy seamless traveling"

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