A seamless travel experience,
multiple providers, one application.

Unique and smooth traveller experience

Getting from A to B to C was never easier. Finding, comparing, booking and even paying for your and your friends’ trips can now be done in just one app.

Plan, Book and Pay in one app.

We believe that travel should be a pleasure. That is why we created a single simple app with all the features you need.

» Plan your trip
» Book and pay
» Share tokens (P2P)
» Choose from different mobility options in one app

Private by Design

Privacy is a basic right. That is why no personal data is stored in our system, only on your device. No more misuse or data-hacks.

Mobile Ticketing

A mobile experience like no other. No more hassle with paper tickets, queuing or charging points. Buy one or more tickets for you and your travel companions with family, child, senior and off peak options all one click away.



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