For mobility companies we offer an
interoperable and innovative payment solution.

Case study: discover our working solution.

Together with Arriva we launched the world's first blockchain powered bus. Anyone could take the bus using our app and paying with the VAI token, anonymously and seamlessly. The results and feedback are very overwhelmingly positive!

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Easy setup and integration.

Save time and costs by implementing our open solution.

Improve business processes.

Let us help you to make your business processes better.

Significantly lower transaction costs.

We offer low-cost and instant transactions.

Whether you are start-up or
 corporate mobility company.

Our platform can meet your needs.

Open & Interoperable.

Our platform is open. Whether your mobility company has thousands of vehicles to manage or just a few bikes or scooters. We made it really easy to connect your vehicles and add your app to our open mobility platform. Join today!

Digital Ticketing.

The future is digital. We provide mobile tickets that are stored on the blockchain. Multi-step journey costs and revenues can easily be controlled and allocated across all cooperating mobility providers. Our digital ticketing solution covers issuing, validation, and control. With our technology you can provide both prepaid ticketing and dynamic tickets.We already support QR-based tickets and are rolling out NFC soon.

Instant & cheap transactions.

Thanks to our blockchain technology we can offer instant and low-cost transactions. Mobility companies can now enjoy instant clearing and very low transaction fees. No delays and no exorbitant costs.

Real-time data.

We provide smart cities, public authorities, existing and emerging mobility companies with real-time data about the usage of their services. This way they can act instantly and improve processes.

Software development.

We have years of experience in helping mobility companies with software development solutions. Together with our customers we co-create proof of concepts, mobile applications or just software solutions.

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