Would you like to contribute to the development of the leading tech startup revolutionizing the mobility industry?

Would you like to be part of the fast-changing multi-billion dollar industry?

If the value proposition of VMC.AI excites you,  you’re passionate about changes that are happening with the mobility industry and you feel excited about solutions that VMC.AI brings to the market— you might just be what we’re looking for in an ambassador!

We are searching for volunteers to become VMC.AI Ambassadors. The ambassadors will be a lively and enthusiastic bunch who spreads cheer and looks after the community as it grows.


As a VMC.AI Ambassador, you will:

– Enlighten and help guide new users on social media or community channels;
– Use your own community as well as social media channels to spread information about the company, its value proposition as well as information about innovative solutions that it brings to the market;
– Assist in moderating social media and community channels;
– Engage community on the company’s official channels and stimulate healthy discussion about company;
– Help with the localisation of content Whitepaper/ Lightpaper, Company presentations;
– Broker partnerships with influencers, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, writers, community mobilizers, blockchain and tech enthusiasts and others;
– Host official meetups and social networking events in your local community;
– Help with organizing the roadshow activities;
– Connect with other ambassadors to spread the word about VMC.AI. Attend regular webinars and AMA sessions organized by the company;
– Push the company’s news items out to your community;
– Attend selected major crypto industry events with the VMC.AI team;
– Get official VMC.AI swag;
– Get together with senior management members of VMC.AI and ambassadors at exclusive gatherings;
– Chance to travel to Amsterdam and spend time at our charming Amsterdam office;


Ambassador Compensation:

– Ambassadors will be granted access to the affiliate portal of the VMC.AI and will have chance to track interactions and engagements initiated by them;
– Ambassadors will earn the stake from 5% token pool allocated for the marketing activities;
– Ambassadors will get compensation for their contribution in VMC.AI’s security tokens;
– Each registration on the company’s website as well as traffic initiated by ambassador will be evaluated and rewarded according to pre agreed arrangement;


Ambassador Selection Criteria:

Location: Anywhere;
Guidelines: Quick to act, Lively and communicative; passionate about all things VMC.AI;
Community: Actively involved with blockchain and tech world, is a member of local community groups and has a sway in the local community;


To Apply:

Please fill the form  https://vmcai.typeform.com/to/WaEkJs , make sure you include all the relevant contact details.

Please join our social media groups, stay up to date about our news and events.
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