At VMC we want to offer a great investment opportunity to our investors, while delivering price stability to travellers and mobility service providers. This is why we use a Dual Token Structure. In this article we give you more insights in how our Dual Token Structure works.

Two tokens: VAI + VMC

For travellers we use VAI: This is a stable coin, directly tied to the value of the euro, and is fully backed by 1:1 reserves. In other words, every euro used to acquire VAI is kept safely in a bank account. Travellers can use this token to pay for mobility services. This token runs on our own blockchain platform.

For investors we offer VMC token: this is a revenue share token. Investors can purchase this token to acquire a right of the revenue share on the VMC blockchain. VMC charges a small transaction fee for every transaction in VAI. A portion of these revenues is shared automatically with holders of VMC. As our platform grows, and an increasing amount of mobility service providers is connected, the amount of transaction fees is expected to grow substantially, rewarding token holders in the process.

To incentivise a long-term view, VMC rewards token holders that own tokens for a longer period of time with a higher percentage of the platform’s revenues.