The blockchain platform for urban mobility

Running your mobility service has never been easier

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Connecting the dots for urban mobility

Tokenized ticketing

Use the power of blockchain. Enable ticketing with fast and low-cost and transactions.

Simple setup

Easy to connect. No need to change your current hardware or software stack.

Mastering MaaS

Let your customers plan, book & pay integrated journeys with multiple providers.

Join the open source Mobility-as-a-Service revolution


The advantages of blockchain for the mobility industry

Smart contracts

Use smart contracts to improve and automatize business processes in and between mobility companies.

No middle man

With our solution we eliminate the middle man. The nature of our blockchain makes it very simple for P2P transactions between the traveler and the mobility company.

Transparency for companies

Companies have access to the blockchain ledger and can verify transactions. All data is available real time, this gives mobility companies better insights.

Immutable data

All data and transactions are recorded on the immutable ledger of our blockchain. Creating a trustless environment and lowering the costs of collaboration.

Blockchain needs real-world adoption? Here we go!

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The first blockchain bus is already there

Joël Happé takes a ride using the VMC blockchain